The group of textured knits here includes any knit that has a feel other than flat, but cannot be counted as a true loose-knit sweater fabric.  Common textured knits include ribbing, French terry, jacquard, piqué, sweatshirting, quilted/waffle/basket-weave look, and puckered/pleated look fabrics.  The direction and amount of elasticity will be dependent on the fiber content of the fabric.  Textured knits can be composed of many natural and synthetic fibers, including cotton, rayon, silk, wool, lyocell, polyester, and may be a blend of many fibers, with spandex for added elasticity or to change the feel or other properties of the fabric.  Textured knits are offered in a range of weights depending on the fiber makeup.  This will also affect how sheer or opaque the fabric is, the overall fabric drape, as well as the amount of wrinkling.

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