They’ll see how beautiful I am…
-Langston Hughes, “I, Too”, 1926

In joining the sewing community as a retailer, we intend to use our small platform to celebrate and support non-profit organizations about which we are passionate.  Each season, we will introduce new items of which 100% of the profit will be passed on to the organization listed on the product page.  The organizations we select are ones that we see doing the work that needs to be done, be it a local to DFW animal rescue, a national anti-racism campaign, or a worldwide trafficking response team.  These are organizations we think our shoppers should be aware of, so please take the time to click through to each organization’s main page and learn more about them in their own words, including other ways to help out.

In order to pass on the largest donations possible, coupons and discount codes are not applicable to any Pass It On items.

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