Sweater knit, in some places called “hacci” knit, refers to the group of knit fabrics that are most similar to what is found in ready-to-wear US “sweater” or UK “jumper” styles.  This group of knits has a much looser looping pattern, and typically uses thicker yarn, to create this effect.  Sweater knits will have both cross-grain and with-grain elasticity (4-way stretch), with the stretch amount dependent on the fiber content of the fabric, but they have much less recovery than other knit fabrics due to the loose construction.  Sweater knits can be composed of many natural and synthetic fibers, including cotton, rayon, silk, wool, lyocell, polyester, and many times are a blend of many fibers with spandex for added elasticity or to change the feel or other properties of the fabric.  Most sweater knits that are offered as a fabric will be light or medium weight, depending on the fiber makeup, and will not resemble a finished ready-to-wear “sweater” or “jumper” garment, though some fabrics do have patterns knitted into them.  Depending on the looseness of the knit, and the thickness of the yarn used, sweater knits can range from sheer to fairly opaque.  These fabrics do not wrinkle.

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