“You Are Loved”
Woven Labels
Kylie and the Machine

$8.00 each

This label by Kylie and the Machine is a simple reminder for yourself or your gift recipient that you are loved.

Each pack of “You are Loved” labels contains 10 woven 2cm square plus 1/4″ (5mm) seam allowance labels in plastic-free, recycled cardboard packaging.  Centre folded, this label is ideally sewn onto the garment (either inside or displayed visibly) by inserting into a seam allowance or facing.  This label is sky blue with black lettering on a white cloud.

Labels by KATM are made from high-quality polyester and rayon threads, and are meant to be washed (repeatedly).  They are Super High-Quality woven labels, and are classified as HD which is similar to a thread count in sheets, with finer and more threads which give the crispest designs. They are Oeko-Tex certified, washable, durable and non-scratchy!

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Dimensions .787 × .98 in

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