Woven Labels
Little Rosy Cheeks

$7.50$9.00 each

“TODAY IS A GOOD DAY” is a double-folded label with the message “TODAY IS A GOOD DAY” on one side woven in a black thread on a bright teal blue and sunny yellow background.

Each pack contains 6 woven 2.5cm square labels in packaging made from recycled cardboard with a clear, biodegradable window and sticker.  Center folded, this label is ideally sewn onto the garment, bag, quilt, or craft project by inserting into a seam allowance or facing, but can also be top stitched along the top to display in spaces where there is no seam.

Due to a water-leak issue in our shop, some labels have been REPACKAGED in clear plastic bags.  These labels are still in new condition, but due to the repackaging, offered at a discounted price.  Repackaged labels are final sale.

Little Rosy Cheeks is a sewing brand based in Scotland that promotes self-love and belief.  Our aim is to empower makers to sew these wee labels into their clothes and feel comfort and confidence in what the messages are telling them.  You are unique, loved and important.  Sewing your own clothes and making things for loved ones is a feeling like no other, and we want Little Rosy Cheeks labels to reflect that.  We have kept the range fun and colorful, using prints and bold fonts.  Our labels are designed with both children and adults in mind.

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