Red Extra-Sharp
10″ Tailor’s Shears
Merchant & Mills

$110.00 each

The crème de la crème of tailoring scissors, these Sheffield-made scissors from Merchant & Mills have chrome plated blades and stunning red enameled handles.  10” (25cm) extra-sharp tailor’s shears with corrosion protection on the inside.

Forged from high carbon tool steel with offset handles and machined pivot screw.  One blade is micro serrated whilst the other is traditional knife edge allowing for an enhanced grip when cutting.  Please note that due to the serrated edge these cannot be sharpened.

Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field began Merchant & Mills in 2010 with the intention of bringing style and purpose to the overlooked world of sewing.  In supplying patterns, fabrics, and tools that allowed the creation of a desirable functioning wardrobe, they offer a viable, wearable alternative to the increasingly indistinguishable options of the high street.

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