Pan Buttons
Sweet Shard,
.98in (2.5cm)
Ethel and Joan

$14.00 each

Treat yourself to a set of buttons that are as individual as the make you are using it for.  This pack of three (3) buttons were hand-cast in resin by designer Ethel and Joan.  They are a classic circle shape with two holes, .98″ (2.5cm) wide, and can be either hand or machine sewn onto garments.  The buttons in this pack are bright, random colors speckled onto clear.  The buttons you receive may vary from the image as every button comes out unique.

Ethel and Joan buttons are designed and handmade by Louise in the UK, and her brand is named after her nans Ethel and Joan, who are both are very strong characters, but in very different ways. She says: “Let’s just say one of them favours to drink vodka, others is tea – that’s why they are the perfect name sake for my shop, as I want to make and sell buttons full of character.”  All the buttons by Ethel and Joan are handmade with hand-poured resin into to silicon molds.  This means that the buttons don’t always come out machine perfect, so there are some irregularities….. but that uniqueness is part of the charm.  Louise strives to make her buttons as waste free as possible, and every chip shard and unsellable button is recycled to make new buttons.

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