Rotary Cutter, 45mm
Splash Colors

$18.00 each

This colorful cutter comes in the most popular 45mm size for cutting multiple layers and easy maneuverability, and offers offers a durable and contoured handle for comfortable cutting.  The integrated grooves at the head of the cutter help prevent finger slippage.  Choose from AQUA, PINK, or PURPLE!

To activate the quick-change feature, simply slide the blade-lock down to release the blade, reload, and re-secure the blade lock to begin cutting again.  A blade cover is also integrated into the Quick-Change Rotary Cutter for safety.

OLFA invented the rotary cutter in 1979 as an alternative to cutting with scissors.  This simple invention revolutionized the sewing and quilting industry.  Rotary cutters are now used across a wide variety of trades from quilting and sewing to architecture, cosplay, paper arts, and more.

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Make Ideas

Make sure you have a new rotary blade on hand when you need one – don’t forget to add replacement blades to your order!

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