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This one is a bit of a throat-punch, but a reminder that so many of us need.  Crafting clothing to fit your body is a powerful form of self expression and often, rebellion.  Rebellion from the idea that a clothing company (or anyone else) should try and decide how you should or can present yourself, and what sizes of bodies are ‘acceptable’ for any style or brand.

This center-fold label is double sided, so you can choose full-on or more mild spiciness, and designed to be added to your handmade pieces.  They can be sewn inside, outside or both!  Each pack contains 8 labels that are both washer and dryer safe.

Stitch Collective only offers High-Definition woven labels – the highest quality, softest label type, with extra-fine yarns that are sturdy but also show sharp detail.  All Stitch Collective labels are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

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